Elections 2024

First off, let’s try to list the candidates. It’s hard sometimes to know who is running as some people don’t debate, some don’t go to specific states they don’t like, and dropping out seems to be the norm.

Democratic Candidates:

Republican Candidates:


When it’s time to vote, it’s like sorting through a heap of talk to find the real deal. Politicians, aiming to win over folks from all walks of life, often change their tunes faster than a jukebox. This flip-flopping makes it tough to pin down what they truly stand for. Don’t just listen to what they say they believe. Think about whether they can actually make things happen once they’re in charge and who they’ll need to work with to get there. It’s key to look at their past teamwork and whether they’ve been straight shooters or not.

Now, the big house in D.C. – Congress and the Senate – is pretty divided, like two teams in a tug-of-war. Republicans and Democrats often butt heads, making it hard to get anything done together. But every now and then, they do agree on stuff that matters to everyone, like fixing roads, helping folks during tough times like the pandemic, or keeping our country safe. These moments are rare but important – they show that working together is possible.

So, when you’re deciding who to vote for, don’t just go by what they say about important issues. Look at the whole picture – are they honest, do they get things done, and can they play well with others? I’m not here to tell you who to vote for. That’s your call, based on what you think is right. Remember, your vote is a powerful thing. It’s your say in what happens in your town and country, so make it count for what you believe in.

Where they stand on positions

With the above section in mind, here are the latest posted positions I could find as of 2024-01-21T07:18:07-05:00.

IssueJoe Biden (D)Donald Trump (R)Nikki Haley (R)Marianne Williamson (D)Dean Phillips (D)Ryan Binkley (R)
ReligionCatholicRaised Presbyterian, now a nondenominational ChristianRaised Sikh, converted to ChristianityRaised Jewish, now considers herself “spiritual”  JewishNon-denominational Christian
AbortionSupports Roe v. Wade; opposes restrictionsOpposes Roe v. Wade; supports restrictionsPersonally “pro-life”; calls for a federal abortion ban consensusSupports abortion rightsSupports codifying Roe v. WadeHe is pro-life, supports the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and advocates for a culture of life and adoption.
EconomyFocus on middle class, tax reformTax cuts, deregulationProposes cutting middle-class taxes, stimulating job growthEmphasizes economic justicePro-business and pro-worker policiesBinkley believes in reducing government spending and borrowing to grow the U.S. economy and maintain the U.S. dollar’s global status.
EducationIncrease funding for public schoolsTrump aims to provide excellent schools that prepare students for jobs, contributing to a greater nation. He plans to refocus schools on work success, pledges to close the Department of Education in Washington, D.C., and intends to delegate all education tasks back to the States.While acknowledging various ‘woke’ issues in schools, the focus should be on improving reading proficiency by third grade, given its impact on graduation rates. We need nationwide reading remediation, classroom transparency, parental choice in school selection, and the reintroduction of vocational classes in high schools to foster innovation and practical skills.In a Williamson administration, every public school would be a haven for learning, culture, and arts, aligning with the pursuit of happiness and enabling students to realize their talents. The goal is to provide a world-class education for all students.DeSantis plans to promote nationwide school choice, protect parental rights, reform accreditation, and direct funding towards future-oriented programs. He aims to prioritize foundational skills and critical thinking over politicized education, and foster the education of artisans and engineers, accelerating students into these careers early.Supports reopening K-12 schools for in-person learning, critical race theory in K-12 education, federal funding for college tuition, and opposes Biden’s student loan forgiveness program.
EnvironmentRejoin Paris Agreement, focus on renewable energySkeptical of climate change, rolled back regulationsSupports carbon-capture technology; balance environmental concerns with economic growthSupports Green New DealResponsible stewardship of natural resourcesAlthough specific environmental policies are not detailed, his campaign acknowledges the importance of climate issues.
Foreign PolicyRebuild alliances, diplomacy firstAmerica First policy, skepticism of international agreementsSupports Israel; critical of efforts solely focused on emissions reductionAdvocates for peacebuilding and diplomacy[Unknown]Two-strike policy for illegal crossings and the E-Verify system for employment. Comprehensive strategies for handling unaccompanied minors and provisions for Dreamers and DACA recipients
Health CareExpand Affordable Care ActRepeal and replace Affordable Care ActOpposes the Affordable Care Act and declined to expand MedicaidSupports universal health careMedicare for All with comprehensive coverageAdvocates for ending the healthcare monopoly by promoting transparency, competition, and patient empowerment in healthcare choices.
ImmigrationPathway to citizenship, border securityBuild wall, restrict legal immigrationClose the Border and send back migrantsAdvocates for humane immigration reformCompassionate, human-focused approachProposes a comprehensive plan with enhanced border security, reform of the asylum system, and legal status opportunities for certain undocumented immigrants.
Social IssuesSupports LGBTQ+ rights, racial equityThe ESG scheme, I believe, is a ploy to divert retirement funds to radical leftists. Under my leadership, we issued the world’s first ESG ban, and I’m pleased that Republicans are recognizing this threat and following my lead.[Position]Focuses on social and racial justiceDeSantis opposes the use of ESG by corporations to enforce left-wing directives and won’t allow ideological criteria to influence loans, bank accounts, or business operations.Specific positions on social issues were not directly stated in the available sources.
Gun Regulationsupports stricter gun control measures including universal background checks and banning assault weaponsfavors less restrictive policies and the defense of Second Amendment rightsNikki Haley is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, having advocated for gun owners’ rights, signed a bill repealing outdated anti-gun laws, expanded concealed carry rights, and backed legislation that would eliminate permitting and training requirements for gun owners during her tenure as governor.Gun violence is the largest cause of death among America’s children. This situation is an emergency, and Williamson will treat it as such.Asserting that action, not words, saves lives, I’m proud to be part of a new Congress generation that prioritized gun violence prevention, leading to the passage of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act – the first significant gun violence legislation in almost 30 years. I remain committed to further efforts to ensure the safety of our children and communities.His stance on gun regulation is not explicitly outlined in the available resources.
Government Ethicssupports strengthening ethical standards and increasing transparency in government.often criticized the existing political system as corrupt and favored less regulation[Unknown] Over the past 40 years, American democracy has increasingly strayed from its ideal, where the people’s will is sacrosanct, and their needs are fulfilled through elected representatives. Today, legislators often prioritize the desires of their donors over the health, safety, and well-being of their constituents, undermining the democratic principle.No matter your number one issue, I ask you to make campaign finance reform your number two. The corrupting influence of special interest money in politics, and the time spent in its pursuit, are at the heart of the dysfunction in Washington, DC, preventing progress on the major challenges we face as a country. That is why I am on a mission to get money out of politics and return power to where it belongs: the people.Talks about leading with integrity, but specific policy proposals on government ethics are not detailed.
Opioids and Drug Issuesadvocates for prevention, treatment, and recovery services, as well as ending imprisonment for drug use aloneTrump focused on law enforcement and border control to stop drug flowI plan to hire new Border Patrol and ICE workers to curb drugs and illegal immigration, reinstate Remain in Mexico and Title 42, and end catch-and-release and sanctuary cities. I’ll also institute a national E-Verify program, end taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants, and comprehensively tackle the interlinked crises of illegal drug-running and immigration.Rural America faces higher addiction and overdose rates, with a lack of local addiction specialists. Telehealth can address this by facilitating easier access to specialists for those battling opioid addiction.He remains a vocal proponent of legislation like HR2366, the STOP Fentanyl Act of 2021, that will expand access to mental health services for substance abuse prevention and treatment programs.[Unknown]
Veteransaims to provide comprehensive care for veterans, focusing on mental health, homelessness, and employmentDonald J. Trump enacted significant reforms in the Department of Veterans Affairs, including VA Accountability and VA Choice, and dismissed 11,500 federal employees who failed to provide quality, timely care to veterans. He secured record funding for mental health services, expanded telehealth and suicide prevention resources, reduced veteran homelessness, increased educational benefits, and achieved record-low veteran unemployment.The Department of Veterans Affairs is a complex bureaucracy with red tape, delays, and lack of transparency that’s difficult for transitioning veterans to navigate. I propose that members of Congress should experience the same VA healthcare as our veterans, enduring the same delays and bureaucracy. This personal experience could be the key to driving meaningful reforms, making Congress a stakeholder in veterans’ care.I greatly appreciate our military personnel and am saddened by the inadequate care some veterans receive. If elected president, I will collaborate with veteran advocacy groups to implement policies benefiting active service members and veterans.As a Gold Star Son who lost his father in the Vietnam War, I understand the sacrifices of our veterans and their families. In my role as a member of Congress, I’m committed to supporting those who serve our country and the families they leave behind.Supports veteran charities through his company but lacks specific policy proposals for veterans.

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